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Apartments Surrounding Boston’s Hospitals

Because of the many state-of-the-art hospitals in the Boston area, recent Doctoral residency assignments have lead to an influx of doctors to Boston. As they arrive in Boston, these doctors are looking for apartments near their assigned Boston hospital. Because doctors often work odd hours during their residencies, the T may not always be in service when they get out of work, and as a result many require apartments within walking distance of their Boston hospital.

Mass General Hospital, located in the North End Boston area, is near many great apartments in the Beacon Hill Boston area, the West End Boston area and, of course, the North End. Apartments in the Beacon Hill area are very popular largely due to the great restaurants, shops, museums and tourist attractions in the area.

Boston Medical Center, located in Boston’s historical South End, is a private non-profit Boston hospital that accepts many new residents each year. Perhaps more so than the Beacon Hill area, the South End and Roxbury areas have many affordable apartments within walking distance of the Boston Medical Center.

The Longwood Medical area is home to some of Boston’s finest medical institutions including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital Boston. Most doctors, when searching for an apartment, hope to find an apartment in Boston’s Longwood Medical area.

There are also many academic institutions within the Longwood Medical area, and therefore are also many students looking for affordable apartments near their university. Harvard Medical School and Harvard School for Public Health are both in the area.

The most important thing for doctors to do when searching for an apartment in Boston is be realistic about how far away from their assigned Boston hospital they are willing to live. Once that is decided a real estate agent will have an easier time finding an affordable, convenient apartment that will match all their ideal apartment requirements.

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